RMW Architecture+ Interiors | SUMMER 2017
team leader: janet braden

The SJMA Art Portal is an embodiment of the museum’s community outreach and education goals, housed in a form that is configured to the programatic needs of a pop-up art studio. It is a portal both in form and intent - comprised of a series of tribal aluminum portal frames that seek to invoke the portal in its classical sense of a “gateway” into a transformative experience, as well as in the technological sense of providing a place to access or link to related resources and experiences. 


The form’s transparency and continuity symbolizes the museums philosophy of “meeting its patrons were they are” and inviting them to observe, absorb, and engage with a potentially transformative experience. The form allows for several alternative configurations, which in turn provide maximum programatic adaptability across indoor and outdoor venues, to hold workshops as well as performances. The form’s shape will stand out in any setting and offers and engagement opportunities both inside as well as outside the form. The materials and parts are chosen to make assembly and disassembly easy, to allow for integrating various add-on amenities, and for convenient transportation.