a photographic documentation of rome's most iconic public parks
dimensions: 12" x 12" | dust jacket cover: premium paper - glossy finish | content: premium white paper - matte finish
ART 1602: Photography in Rome | SP + SM 2018
Professor: Barry Perlus
The Parks of Rome is a photographic documentary of six of the ancient city’s most beautiful and well-known public parks. Conceived as a semester-long school project to photograph Roman life through a structured, long-term project, the book came to be a way to experience the major green spaces within the urban landscape.
By examining and carefully documenting the endless pastures of the Via Appia or the quiet pine groves of Villa Doria Pamphilj, it was possible to see the city as a more diverse and expansive place than is normally exposed. By showing off the impressive countryside that actually exists within the walls of the city, a new side of Rome is discovered. The images seek to show the way in which these parks serve the local Roman community as well as display the magnificence of the Italian landscape design that is present in these public spaces. Within the walls of Rome, these lush, wild spaces bring a much needed retreat and are accessible to all. These parks serve as a reminder that while the feats that man has achieved in Rome are stunning, nature, too, has something spectacular to offer. 
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